Football Basic Skills

Before you can become a really good football player, you must first master the football basic skills. These skills are your foundation for learning football, and you will be doing them almost every time you play football in order to get the proper playing of the game.

Here are the basic football skills that you should master in order to become good in the sport:

  • Knowledge of the areas and corners of the field – you should know all the small areas and corners of the field from where you dribble or kick the ball. You need to know where to go and what to do in a certain area of the field if you’re going to play any football at all. The corner area, for example, is where a corner kick is used to put the ball in play after the ball has gone over the goal line and out of play if it was last touched by a player defending that goal.
  • Dribbling – practice advancing the ball with a series of short kicks. Some of the best football players in the world are known for their very advanced dribbling skills. A great skill in dribbling will give you an edge on the field because it would give you more refined and accurate mobility.
  • Goal kick – when the attacking team kicks the ball over its opponent’s goal line, the goalkeeper gets the ball and may kick it far downfield. As a goalkeeper, you should practice with this basic skill to be efficient in your position.
  • Half volley – kick a ball just as it is bouncing from the ground. Kicking the ball while it is resting isn’t a challenge at all, but kicking a ball while it’s bouncing would require skill and precision. Practice on the half volley, and you can become an efficient football player.
  • Screening – this is keeping a player’s body between an opponent and the ball. If you’re a defender or attacker, this is a very important defensive skill to learn. This practice is a team effort though, and you need to practice it with your teammates.
  • Throw-in – when the ball goes across the touch line, possession is awarded to the opponent of the last player to touch the ball. The throw-in is made with an overhand motion using both hands. This is a basic skill that many football players don’t take for granted because it is very important.
  • Trapping – this means gaining control of the ball using some part of the body other than the hands or arms.
  • Volley – this happens when a ball is kicked while it is still in the air. Some use the “scissors kick”, which is a highly advanced skill that not all football players can do.

Five Thoughts on UK Football Schedule 2014

You may be excited about UK football games and are looking for UK football schedule 2014. Featured in this section are thoughts on three UK football teams that are included in the schedule.

Louisville game shifts to the season’s end

This is a noticeable change in the past years. Putting the game at the end of the season presents the rivalry angle since the most heated college football in-state rivalries are taking place during the weekend (Florida State/Florida, South Carolina/Clemson, and Georgia Tech/Georgia). That’s also part of Thanksgiving weekend, which entails a lot of trash talking with divided homes in the three-day build-up for kick-off.

Calling Baton Rouge

LSU and Mississippi are among Kentucky’s two West opponents in SEC next year, and the Tigers are very unfortunate in the set-up, but it’s a road trip that a lot of us have been looking forward to. Watching the game inside Death Valley is on the list for any sports fan, and Baton Rouge’s tailgating scene is phenomenal. Kentucky will become a big underdog inside such game. But is there anything better than riding to the LSU games and giving the Tigers and Les Miles the scare?

Vandy will be Florida Hangover’s cure

Another major change in the schedule is Vandy game shifting from the season’s end towards the start of the conference. Kentucky’s SEC schedule is still open in Florida, which doesn’t go very well. They have a bye week though and a proposed game against Vandy at home. The Florida game has always been followed up by the South Carolina in the recent years, which is not much of a great deal. Should the Cats lose within Gainesville, they will have a better chance of reclaiming the momentum they’ve built inside the non-conference schedule for a victory over the Commodores.

Barcelona Football Match Tickets

Barcelona football clubs set their games at the spectacular stadium within the city’s centre and among the largest tourist attractions for visitors. Barcelona goes to their most popular Camp Nou (or Nou Camp) at home and you can visit them through football match tickets.

The world’s popular football stadium is witness to a lot of epic matches throughout the years and majority of the world’s best football players on certain occasions. It has also been host to the finals of major events. Camp Nou can hold 100,000 spectators and is really among the world’s great arenas of the sport.

Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho are in the prime, although luminaries like Johann Cruyff glitter in the past, and the place has seen a great deal throughout the years. The world’s ideal players have been playing in a number of epic matches from Camp Nou’s turf.

You might ask – how can one obtain a ticket to one of these Barcelona matches and visit the city? There are various options, but you have to keep in mind that the team has remained fantastic since 2005 and it’s not always ideal to obtain a seat on match day while they are playing. Great games and fantastic results have the tendency to bring old fans out of the closet. Obtaining a Barcelona football ticket will also depend on the time of the year when you are planning to visit the place.

A number of tickets are always directly available at the Camp Nou stadium, and you can make reservations online or by phone. Football tickets are also available at the serviCaxi. If you’re not a member of Barcelona FC (equivalent season ticket holders within the United Kingdom), you must purchase your tickets through the Internet or over the phone at least 15 days prior to the match. Internet booking services also have a reputation of being unreliable sometimes.

All about FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a football competition against other teams from other countries in the world. The championship of this world cup is awarded every four years and is being held on a different country per awarding. For 2014, the World Cup will take place in Brazil on June 12 until July 13 which means the league is to happen for a stretch of a month.

The current format of the league will involve thirty two teams fighting for the title at the venues designated within the host country’s territory. Before these thirty two teams have reached the FIFA World Cup, they first undergo the qualification phase which takes place for three years prior to the World Cup. The qualification phase is done to help determine which clubs or teams are allowed to play together with the team of the host country.

Ever since, there have already been nineteen World Cups held and have been won by eight different teams in different nations. The most well-known nation to have won the World Cup is Brazil which have bagged the award five times already and is the only nation who have played in every FIFA World Cup. The other nations to win the Cup are Italy (won it four times), West Germany (won it three times), Argentina and Uruguay which have won two titles and the three others which won the FIFA World Cup once: Spain, England and France.

Interestingly, the FIFA World Cup is the one of the most widely anticipated and watched sporting event in the world. In the year 2006 alone, the World Cup had an estimated audience (in television and actual game) of seven hundred fifteen million and a hundred thousand during the final match which was held in Germany. The final match was from the nations of France and Italy. During this event, the Italy won the Cup over France in a penalty shootout during the final after extra time had ensued due to a 1-1 draw. The score was five against three which made Italy claim their fourth FIFA World Cup Title.

Due to the very long time period in determining the champion of this league, people all over the world highly anticipates the event. Some have religiously followed every game while the others would only wait until the Finals will commence. And some would even travel to the host country and witness the month-long event live.