What you need to know about UK Football League Playoffs

If initially you are not a football fan and would have a change of heart and learn to love football, it is best to understand how the UK football league play-offs are done. This way, you will learn to appreciate the game even more.

The football league play-offs happen every year in United Kingdom. It is a series of matches that will determine which team will go to the final promotion places within every division of the Football League. In every division of the league, they basically pick the four teams that finish right under the automatic promotion ranks. Then, these teams would fight in a number of play-off matches in order to know which team should be promoted to the finals.

When the teams have been identified for each division, these teams will enter the Semi-Final matches which are played over two legs. The first leg has game play duration of 90 minutes. If by the end of the first leg, the teams have equal scores, no tie breaker is going to happen yet. Instead, teams will proceed to the second leg with a much longer game time than the first leg. Now, if the by the end of the second leg with the added duration considered and the teams are still on a tie, the teams will take turns in taking of kicks starting from the penalty mark. This tie breaker match should always be in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.

Come the Finals or Championship, the teams are still given 90 minutes of game time. If by the end of the 90 minutes, a tie will take place, the game will then be extended further. And if by the end of the over time, the teams’ scores are still equal, the necessary taking turns of kicks from the penalty mark should be the tie breaker. Again, the extension and the free kicks should always be in accordance to the Laws of Association Football.