What are the Equipment and Facilities for Football?

Football is a sport where the main aim of the team is to score a goal. Scoring a goal involves getting the ball from one side of the field into the other and shooting the ball inside an actual goal. For you to be able to play football well, it is very important that you have the right equipment and you play in a facility that is meant for the sport.

Basic Equipment of Soccer

  • The Outfit or Uniform

The football outfit of a player does not only involve the jersey itself; however, it also includes the socks and the shoes. Football players should have jerseys and uniforms that are comfortable enough for them to move in. Note that there is a standard type of textile for football jerseys. Socks usually are knee length. Meanwhile in terms of shoes, there is an appropriate shoes for football; the ones with studs.

  • Shin Guards

A shin guard is an equipment to prevent serious injuries. It mainly protects the legs. If you are a striker, then it is recommended that you use the smaller and lighter ones; while for those who are defenders, midfielders, and goalkeepers, use designs that will offer you the most coverage.

  • Gloves

Gloves are commonly used by the goalkeepers for their primary goal is to defend their team’s home; blocking the balls using any available extremity or even body. It is important for them to find gloves that are designed to provide maximum hand mobility and support.

Facilities for Football

The facility wherein you can play football is the football field or stadium. It should have lines that will determine the grounds for an “out of bounds” call. Also, it should have goals with nets; otherwise, football wouldn’t be possible. Note that the length and width of a football field depends on who will be using it. A college football field might be suitable for college or amateur footballs. Meanwhile in the world of the pros, specific dimensions and rules are being set by FIFA.