Types of Football Coaching Drills in UK

Football is one of the most famous sports in the UK today; in fact, it is the most watched league. Because of this, coaches feel the most pressure. They need to be able to train their players in order to stand a fighting chance against their opponents. Before they start practice, they usually get their players do some drills.

Different Coaching Drills for Football

  • Shoot From Your Own Half

This type of drill divides the team into groups of 3-4 players. The teams will face each other in the center with no one to protect the goals. The ball will then be rolled by the coach to one team. Note that the team must do their best to keep the ball constantly move. Each player should also be able to handle the ball first before they score a goal. The main aim of this drill is to enhance the players’ shooting and one-touch skills.

  • Hot Potato

Hot potato is a coaching drill that aims to promote effective communication and teamwork among the players. Aside from that, it also improves their skills in passing and receiving the ball. This drill also allows the coaches to determine who among the team is a potential leader. The drill works by dividing the team and placing at least 10 soccer balls at the end of the field. Each team should be able to transfer the soccer balls to the other end by ensuring that each ball is touched by everyone on the team.

  • Tug of War

The Tug of War drill aims to teach kicking accuracy and power among the players. The team is divided into two teams. In the center of the field, the coach will place a target; the target must be eye catching like a colored ball. The goal of the players is to try to hit or move the target with their soccer ball by kicking it precisely.

  • Speed Racer

The aim of the Speed Racer drill is to actually improve, if not teach, dribbling skills to the players. Each player will have their own ball while cones are scattered and circled on the field. Each of the players is required to dribble the ball around the circle of cones; note that, players can go in whichever direction they please. This will make them attentive on who might they bump into while dribbling. Their main goal is to get back to the starting position first.